About Us

     Drawing on work with NASA and IDEO, we use Design Thinking mindsets and tools to help clients across sectors - including the arts, museums, creative industries, universities, education and government - to understand their users' challenges, imagine new solutions, and build capacity to work collaboratively.

Bird AND Gorton?

Hannah (Bird) and Ceri (Gorton) met when they were Clore Fellows in 2014, bonded over a shared love of Lego, and have been working together ever since. Bird & Gorton bring together tailored teams of specialists to ensure each project benefits from the expertise and capacity that it needs.

Hannah Bird

Hannah Bird is a Wellcome Trust Clore Fellow with 15 years of experience developing new programmes and strategy across cultural, educational and scientific organisations.

Hannah Bird

Dr Ceri Gorton

Ceri is a user-centred design specialist, Clore Fellow and IDEO/University of Pennsylvania Creative Impact Fellow who is committed to building people's creative capacity to collaborate, solve problems, and make positive change happen.

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For each project, we bring together teams of trusted experts with a diverse range of skills, experience and perspectives.

Ellen O’Hara
Business Development Specialist
Matt Kendall
Digital Strategist
Sandeep Mahal
Collaboration & Inclusivity Specialist
Petia Tzanova
Engagement & Facilitation Specialist