Leaders for Impact

          Bird & Gorton have directed this flagship leadership development programme with the Royal Opera House since 2017. Leaders for Impact is designed for head teachers and senior school leaders who are in a position to influence whole school approaches to cultural learning. To date, we have welcomed more than 90 participants onto the programme across six cohorts of leaders.

Leaders for Impact is designed to develop educational leaders who champion cultural learning. The year-long programme includes group workshops, training and inspiration sessions, tailored to support the individual needs and interests of the participants in each generation.

We draw on design thinking methodologies to inform the content and format of the programme, which is delivered with online and offline elements each year. All cohorts take part in a shared leadership challenge, and receive individual mentoring and coaching with national leaders from across education and culture. 

Speakers & Mentors

Over 100 high profile speakers and mentors have contributed to Leaders for Impact, from arts organisations, funders, museums, policy-makers, government and cultural education. They share their expertise, insights and provocations with each cohort.


“The Leaders for Impact programme is transformational – it will challenge your thinking, provoke deep reflection and introduce you to a network of leaders who are passionate about offering our children and young people a rich, broad and meaningful education”
“It's single-handedly been the best professional development I've ever done in a professional education context as it's allowed me to work out what my needs are, work on these and flourish”
“Ceri and Hannah - how they held it all together - that was stunning; a real kind of care about how the course was run; everything meticulously put together. There was leadership training just in seeing how that was done”
“A leadership programme like no other. Rather than teach a prescribed leadership approach it will support you to develop your own authentic leadership and clarify your aims and purpose. I feel as though I have joined a powerful movement and leave with support and determination"
“Hannah and Ceri have so masterfully led our group through our remote workshops that sometimes I’ve forgotten that we haven’t actually met each other in person! 

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